Our mission

We push the boundaries of molecular diagnostics through quantitative technologies.


BillionToOne is a precision diagnostics company with the mission to make molecular diagnostics more accurate, efficient, and accessible for all. Our patent-pending QCT molecular counter platform is the only technology platform that can accurately count the DNA molecules to the single-count level.

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Our Technology

QCT Molecular Counting Platform

Our QCT (Quantitative Counting Templates) molecular counter technology uses specifically designed molecular standards that encode the molecular count information in sequencing data in a way that can be decoded using machine learning algorithms (4 US/PCT patents pending). This allows us to get extremely quantitative molecular counting information from any sequencing technology.

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BillionToOne Inc. is conducting multiple studies on the clinical utility and clinical validity of the single-gene NIPT test. If you are interested in collaboration, email us at info@billiontoone.com

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