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One blood draw from mom. Multiple, direct genetic insights into baby.

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Discover What Sets UNITY Complete Apart.

UNITY Complete Fetal Risk Screen is prenatal screening reimagined. It has earned a spot in AJHG’s Genomic Medicine Year in Review: 2023, recognized as a top 10 key advancement in applying genomics to clinical care.¹

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First-and-only tests

The first and only test that uses cell-free DNA to provide precise fetal insights for both recessive and chromosomal conditions.

UNITY Complete evaluate the baby’s genetic information, which can be found in mom’s bloodstream. By doing so, it can determine how likely it is that baby will be born with specific genetic conditions, even without information from the baby's father.

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Reassurance for 99% of pregnancies

With UNITY Fetal Risk Screen, the vast majority of patients will learn that there is a very low chance their baby will be born with serious recessive condition, such as Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and other conditions.

This can provide peace of mind and reassurance to more than 99% of pregnancies tested with UNITY Fetal Risk Screen2.

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Testing of father not needed

Unlike other genetic testing options, UNITY Complete does not rely on a male partner sample for an informative result. This is different from traditional carrier screening, which relies on information from the baby's father.

Know More. Know Early.

Identifying potential genetic conditions at the earliest stages is not just about preparation, it's about empowerment.

Early Intervention

UNITY Complete provides early detection of severe genetic conditions, early in a pregnancy. Knowing early allows access to timely interventions and treatments.

Informed Decisions

Knowledge is empowerment. You and your healthcare team can make informed and confident decisions about your care and management.

Peace Of Mind

99% of patients will learn there is a low chance that a baby will be born with certain genetic conditions2.

Preparation For Parenthood

Early insights enable you to prepare for the emotional, mental, and practical considerations for your new baby.

Take The Next Step With UNITY Complete.

Whether you are a provider looking to order your first UNITY Complete test, or an expectant parent wanting to know more, we are here to support your journey.

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